2017 Food

Delicious food up and down Como Avenue!

Street Food:

Tim and Tom's Speedy Market - outdoor grill - 2310 Como Avenue

Al and Mrs. Al's Kettlecorn - in front of Ace Hardware

Best Way Gyros - traditional and chicken gyros - near Info Booth

Cravin' Pies - sweet and savory pies - in front of Gustafson Jewelers

Fun Lemonade - in front of Ace Hardware

Naturally Delicious - ice cream - in front of Muffuletta

Noris Cuisine - arepas and empanadas (gluten free) - in front of Park Service



Colossal Cafe - 2315 Como Avenue

Finnish Bistro and Coffee - 2264 Como Avenue

Lady Elegant's Tea Room - 2230 Como Avenue

Muffuletta - 2260 Como Avenue