Saturday, June 1, 2019

Como and Carter Avenues, Saint Paul, Minnesota

10 am to 5 pm

Our 50th year

The Saint Anthony Park Arts Festival brings together artists, musicians, art lovers, families and a supportive community. Set in a charming neighborhood of St. Paul, the arts festival is a one day celebration of art, community, and a historic Carnegie branch library. Now celebrating 50 years, the festival continues to attract high quality artists from across the region.

Set around the picturesque library grounds and nearby shops, the festival features 70+ artists as well as a community area, plant and book sales, art activities, good food and great music. 

The festival is put on by the St. Anthony Park Branch Library Association, with proceeds benefiting the historic St. Anthony Park Branch of the St. Paul Public Library. The main beneficiaries are the summer reading and activity programs, keeping children engaged in reading throughout the summer.

Interested in volunteering? We would love to have you join the team. In addition to jobs on festival day we need a variety of talents preparing for the show. Contact Tanya and Deanna

And, if you're interested in volunteering with the library in general - please use the button below.