Artist Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When are applications due?

A: Friday, March 1, 2019

Q: What is the cost?

A: Jury fee: $20 due via PayPal when you submit your online application. Booth fee: $130 due within two weeks of being accepted. Pay via PayPal or make checks payable to St. Anthony Park Library Association. PayPal also provides an option of using a credit card through their payment service - a PayPal account is not required on your end.

Q: What are the booth spaces like?

A: In most areas of the festival booth spaces are 12' by 12', on either grass or asphalt.  There are some boulevard spaces that are only 10' deep and we provide a little extra width in those spots.

Q: How are applications juried?

A: Online applications to the Saint Anthony Park Arts Festival are peer reviewed. Considerations include:

  1. Is the art handmade, and the artist’s own work?

  2. Does it show some element of artistry, originality and creativity?

  3. Is a high level of craftsmanship apparent?

More about the jury process here.

Q: How many images can I send with the application?

A: You may upload 3 images of your art, and 1 image of your booth, per category. Each category requires its own application. For example, if you have pottery and jewelry, you will need to submit two applications, where you may upload 3 images of your art and 1 image of your booth in each category. Images must clearly display the items to be sold; images for jewelry and other small items in particular must have enough detail so that we can judge the quality of the work.

Q: What happens after the jury meets?

A: You will be notified as soon as possible after the jury meets, which we anticipate will be by March 12, 2019. If you are accepted, you will need to pay online or send a check to confirm/save your spot in the Festival, or let us know if you are not able to participate, by March 27, 2019. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you are not coming and will reassign the spot. 

We do not refund for cancellations after May 1, although the Director does have some discretion in this if the booth spot is able to be filled by another artist.

Q: I applied and was accepted. I have a friend who would like to share my booth. Is this OK?

A: Booth-sharing is allowed only if both artists have applied on time and have been approved by the jury. Bringing someone along who has not gone through the jury process is not allowed. You cannot add someone after you have been accepted, nor add merchandise in a category that you did not go through the jury process for.

Exhibiting at the Festival

Q: How can I help advertise the festival?

A: Digital and print copies of posters and postcards about the Festival are available, just send us email. We will be sending both digital materials and cards to accepted artists. Like us on Facebook. Pass the word among your friends and acquaintances - let them know we will have really wonderful acoustic music, great street food, a superlative book sale, and free hands-on art activities for all ages.

Q: When and how are spaces assigned?

A: We'll communicate booth space assignments around May 1st, once we know which accepted artists are able to come. Booth spaces are assigned to encourage diversity of vendors throughout the festival, and to facilitate crowd flow.

Q: How will I know where my space will be? Will I be on grass or asphalt?

A: Once you are notified of your space assignment, check the map on our website to find your exact location, and whether to prepare for grass or asphalt set up. No space is perfectly flat, so plan to level your canopy and displays.  There are a few spots in front of the library that need to use weights instead of stakes because of the underground irrigation system, and we'll let you know about those.

Q: How soon can I arrive to set up?

A: Spaces are marked out by Friday afternoon, but do not set up until Saturday morning; our event permit is not effective until Saturday morning. Some vendors arrive at sunrise; you won’t see our volunteers until 7 am or so.

Q: Should I check in when I get there?

A: YES! We will have the most current information/changes regarding booth assignments, plus any last minute info you might need.

Q: How far will I need to carry my stuff?

A: You can drive up to most spaces and unload. After unloading, you’ll need to move your car ASAP to a parking lot that is about a block away. If you need handicapped parking, help unloading, or special arrangements, let us know.

Q: May I bring my dog or other pet?

A: Not unless it is a service dog. The area is packed with small children and other animals who may not be as well-behaved as your pet. If you have a special situation, call. We try to be flexible.

Q: Do I need a MN Tax ID number?

A: Yes. Visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue website and register for a tax ID number.

Q: Can I use another state Tax ID Number?

A: No, a MN Tax ID number is required to participate. Call the MN Department of Revenue (651) 282-5225 or (800) 657-3605. Or register online.

Q: Why does the Festival last only one day?

A: Our neighborhood is very supportive of our one day show because it benefits our branch library, and because they love art!  More than one day and the Arts Festival would be pushing the boundaries of being a good neighbor.